Applying for Partnership

May 31, 2016

After my Birthday, I was talking to friends regarding my stream and the goals I should set out for. Again, the conversation about Partnership came up. So after a few drinks and a lot of chats, I said I would apply. 


Well, I got the standard "Thanks for applying to the Partner Program. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a partnership at this time." email response from Eric B. But it also mentioned "If you still have a strong desire to become a Partner, please apply again in two to four weeks". 


I continue to stream, took away the schedule games, kept the times and look at my core audience to assist me further. I don't normally say to my viewers to Retweet or post out my Stream. Or encourage them to follow. However, I had watch a few stream doing the same. The method prove to be a mentally exhausting challenge and felt somewhat unnatural. But I did it as I thought there would be no harm.


I will be applying again next Sunday before I head to Ireland and give this one last push to see if the numbers will increase. All I can do is try and fail and try again.



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