Insomnia Ireland Weekend

June 14, 2016

Just want to give you all the highlights of the weekend from insomnia Ireland. 

The location for the event was in Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland.


I started off my travels from Amsterdam to Dublin via the "royal" Ryanair on Thursday June 9th. Met up with my Dad who proudly drove me where I need to go to get myself sorted for the next day.


Friday I met up for the first time with the Alcoirishgamers, The Alcoirishgamers are a bunch of lads who do Youtube videos. 

There is a video out at the moment for our first day and you can check it out here 


We were too late when we arrive to take part in anything so we sat in the BYOC area where we were told that the bar was open for 72 hours.... nuts.


Saturday was an adventure, We arrive early and had a walk around to the different areas like Tournament, Where they had set up Smash bros, Fifa and Rocket league. Minyon took part in the Tourney but didn't win.

We met up with some indie Devs, We played Hitbox and Little Arce. During this time I got interviewed by Irish TV who are a channel on Sky TV. I thought it was Epic.

Did mock interviewers with random people across the event. Retro area was jammed with people, Hypixel were fantastic, Some of the stalls were packed due to ChooChoosgaming getting all the kids hyped. 


Later that night we decided to do the Quiz, we had a good table with Iamjohnconnor, ChooChoosgaming and the Alcoirishgamers.

At one point of the night, I broke the Quiz with a funny remark. However, This lead to our table networking and getting free weekend passes for i58 Birmingham in August. So I am hyped for that. 

After the Quiz, we met up with some Youtubers in the Bar that were also attending the event and network with beers and chats.


Sunday, we finished the day with the Alcoirishgamers getting some footage and saying our goodbyes. Took the during home and to this moment I am still tired. 


In conclusion, I personally thought that the time and effort made was completely worth it. I made some nice friends and wonderful personalities. I am planning to attend i58 this year and in September I will be attending Twitchcon. 

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