Social Eating on Twitch

July 9, 2016


Before last Monday, Twitch introduced the Social Eating Channel. Basically, its a bunch of people who sit there with food, eat and chat. 

There has been a few people talking about this as was some kid who ate cat vomit streamed there. 


On Monday, I thought I would give it a shot after my Stream of Overwatch. I had 6 Oreo Cookies to consume. 

My viewership went from like 40s to 80s so making double in my viewership. 

This did attract a small few weirdos but also I made some more viewers just from the general chatting and conversations. 

I decided to proceed with eating after each stream to see how the viewership would compare to gaming. After some days of trying, My viewership almost went up by triple. It was very interesting to see some people visiting the channel just to watch someone eat food. 


Looking at it now, its kind sad to see that my viewership from eating food over my game play was quite better. But in another way, if someone is going to watch you eat instead of game play, Well i am pretty sure that is more "porn" related than interest of someone eating. 


Will I continue this, I do not know? I will have to see. 

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