Battlefield 1 Beta

August 31, 2016

Manage to get my hands on Battlefield 1 for the Xbox and played it for a good 4 hours!


The graphics and sounds of the game is actually quite nice! I could stop looking at the sky for some of the game because it was done so beautifully! 


The sound affects for the Beta was pretty decent with all the expectations I was looking forward to. For example, When doing dog fights, the whizzing of the planes passing you by or the thump of the bullets really gave an intense feeling.


The mechanics was swift and having my sensitivity set to default suited me, changing the settings would be something I would look at first when I am beginning a game. 


Trying some of the main features like riding a horse into battle would be something to get use to (for me anyway).

Tanks are good to maneuver. However, if you are a side gunner in the tank with others, the view isn't the best but also that depends on the driver, So communication is a must to help co-ordinate some good kills.

Planes have a certain inverted feel to them and the viewing point to kill enemies was hard for me. If anything it was a learning curve (again for me). However, being a gunner on the plane while someone pilots does help a lot.


Downside of the Beta for me, Playing the same map over and over was not nice. Kind of leaves you bored.

Some FPS I notice tears but this is more to do with the connection to the host I think. 


I can see this game being very good on a great PC with the specs to give it an awesome feel. 

For Console, its going to be 60 FPS all the way. So depends on user


I am still getting this game and have not be deterred with these small limitations because at the end of the day, its a beta.

More than likely, I will be getting this for Playstation 4 due to the poor experience I have gotten from Xbox. 


The Stream is available in my highlights and Past Streams on Twitch. 

If you go to here you can see view my stream.

Also available on my website under Content. 

All and all I am looking forward to this game full release. 




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