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January 6, 2017

Since I migrated to Beam, I had nothing but positive interactions with the community and massive amount support. 

I have been on the platform since early October 2016 and have been given Partnership on 23rd of December 2016. Hands down the best Christmas present ever. 


I applied for the partnership program in November after some people wondered why I didn't applied. 

When applying for partnership with Beam, if you are declined. You need to wait 3 months to apply again. 

Although I was on the platform for a month and due to others advising me to apply. I did. 

The idea was to apply, get declined and get the information of what I need to work on. 

In my head, it was the numbers and growth. 

After a week, I received an email saying that I was a pushed into the review process. 

To give you an idea, 1st is the application ( you applying), 2nd is the review process (someone from staff visits the stream and see how you interact) 3rd is a call (this is conversation between Staff and the applicant) and 4th, if you are successful, they go through the process of adding the Sub button. 


During my review process, I had a planned trip to see my daughter. I contact the guys at beam to let them that I would be away. 

I would recommend communicating with staff if you are going through this process. 

After when I came back, I received an email saying my application was delayed due to new staff coming onboard. 

The following week, I received an email saying that they would like to invite me for a callback. 


The call lasted 30 minutes and I was in a conversation with 3 of the staff members. Looking back after the call, I had no idea why I was nervous, The staff were so comfortable to speak with and I felt more relaxed when I was asked some questions and point of views. 


Friday arrived and I was getting ready to stream. As Christmas was rolling up and the Giveaway I was doing was coming to a close during that weekend. It was a push to get the audience interactive and continue the festivities. 

Amelia, (Partnership Manager) appeared in my stream and I greeted her like anyone else. 

She asked me what the plan was for Christmas and did I get anything nice. I explained what was happening, like working and what I got early from Casper. 

She replied, "Well Beam has a pressie for you". she asked. What would I say to a big purple button that had the word Subscribe. 

Everyone in the chat lit up and said I got partnership! "Tink got partnered" "OMG she has a sub button" " everyone refresh". 

I refreshed and there it was. I cried to the point where Casper came down and rub my back saying congrats. 

To this moment, I still get emotional thinking about it. 

I wouldnt of gotten this with out the support of everyone, The awesome streamers who I supported and viewers that come over to Beam with me and also Beam streamers and viewers. 

After two years of learning, stress and passion. It finally came through for this one moment!

Doors are starting to open for me and I am getting more into what I am doing than ever before. 

In March 2017, I will be heading to Gamercon in Dublin as a VIP and to live stream the event. 

I am looking forward to this! 


Thanks so much for the massive support and Sorry for the lack of blog updates. 

There will be more coming! 





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