February 18, 2017

Getting ready for an event is both exciting and tiring. I started going to Events\Cons since 2014. Just for the love of being able to go. 

Since streaming, it has been an opportunity to start networking, building up contact, as well as making friends who share the same passion. 

I remember one event I was really looking forward to before I was streamer was Dublins first Comiccon (non MCM). I dressed up along with Casper and decided to do all that was available. Back then, the space for the event was small but did offer an outdoor part where you can dress up as a zombie and run after victims. I had photos with Ian Whyte, which was awesome! 

Since becoming a streamer when it comes to events, its a time to start marketing yourself and mix in with others who share the passion for the same industry and networking with potential clients. 

Behavior is key. I know what some people are thinking, being behaved  when out having a good time? Listen, you never know who may be watching and if you are your business, your business could get a bad rep. Im not saying to button up, what im trying to get across is don't get out of control of yourself and remember to enjoy.

I remember one TwitchCon there was some streamers rep'n at a stand and the amount of dissing their brand they were representing was idiotic. If I owned the brand, they would be dropped so fast. 

Keep in mind what you say around company because at the end of the day, you getting dropped from a brand could be bad as people talk. 

Preparing for an event is a plus. The more ready you are the less stress it will be. For Explain, since getting my tickets for GamerCon in Dublin for March. I have ordered my business cards, 300 BBands, flight, travel, where im sleeping, contacted my partners to let them know about the event as you never know, upselling\marketing on social media, streaming equipment (still testing :) ) and of course spending money. I've been planing this since November. 

Being prep is key, less stress at the end of the day is always better. Also make a list. Can't go wrong. 

While at the event, try and get a schedule, you can map out what you can do at what time easier. A lot of events are now starting to come out with events apps. Make sure you get the app or ask the event if they are creating one. 

Hydration is so important. You are going to be walking around for ages so you want to be drinking plenty of water! 

Good shoes down hurt either, I know, I will be wearing my best pair!

These are some of things that I am doing, I hope I didn't leave anything out. I will be more than likely doing this for my next events coming up as well. Being prep is key! Less stress :)



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February 18, 2017

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